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We're the type of people who will sleep on the ground all night just to get that perfect shot.

We're an award winning production company specializing in film and TV documentaries.

We fight to find and produce the stories that deserve to the told, in the most interesting and honest way we can.

We're hands-on, no holds barred, and fiercely passionate.

We are Metanoia Concepts.

Metanoia: a transformative change of heart; a life-changing shift, an inspirational change in an instant.


Partner with us to bring your ideas to life - on time and on budget, from concept to finished product, and everything in-between. When you work with Metanoia, we're all in. We specialize in wildlife films, and we get to know the people and animals involved, the story, and the material on a deeper level. We know that stories are personal, and we're the heart behind each film we make.



Our principals form a dynamic trio with expertise in everything you need to produce an award-winning film, from development, to the pitch process, to planning budgets, to producing field shoots, to editing. We love to travel and to immerse ourselves in different stories.

  James Allen Orr

As a kid, James would hold a tape recorder up to the TV to record the symphonic music playing during the end credits of movies. Although he didn't know it at the time, he was prepping himself for the editing room. James specializes in the post-production world. He will make sure your footage is flawlessly prepped for the edit, your stories are strong, and the final sound design and finish completely align with your vision. He's worked with the National Geographic Channel, Nat Geo Wild, Animal Planet, National Park Service, Smithsonian and Al Jazeera Children's Channel. James loves Thai food and coffee, is a history buff, and owns hundreds of CD's - all movie soundtracks, of course.

  Meredith Nutting

Meredith wrangles the nitty gritty details to get the job done. She'll fly 60 hours straight to get to the location, pick up the camera to capture the scene, coordinate the most important interviews, and watch hours of footage to get the right story. In addition to being able to make a shoot work, Meredith's background in art and biology lends her an innate knowledge of the natural world and a creative lens to the stories that she films. Meredith has 10 years of experience as a television and multimedia producer, working with Animal Planet, PBS and Smithsonian. When not working, Meredith can be found beekeeping, experimenting with woodworking, hiking with her dog Gigi, and keeping her garden lush in Philly.

  Alexander Sletten

Alex has a background in biology and filmmaking - a double threat. He's got two passions: great stories and great cinematography. Alex has a natural eye and the dedication to get the best shot. He's been filming documentaries around the world for over 10 years with BBC, National Geographic, and Discovery in extreme conditions from the Amazon Rainforest, to the Namibian Desert; from the bottom of False Bay, to the tops of the Norwegian arctic. After studying and filming chimpanzees in the DRC, he knows how to navigate the African rainforests. When not working, Alex is traversing Norway on foot and bike, cataloging venemous snakes, writing and performing acoustic guitar - usually around a campfire.


Let's get started! We can't wait to hear your idea.